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What do we do?

We help our customers find their way in the IT world by developing their IT solutions. Your time and knowledge is very valuable and we understand that it is best spent in your business. At WeCodeIT, our focus is on website and software development. Simply put, we do all the heavy IT lifting.


We create modern and fast websites for customers who want an online presence they can be proud of. Our websites are responsive, meaning every device (computer, tablet and smartphone) is supported.


We design and develop software that is accustomed to your needs. The main goal is to optimize and improve your workflow.


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What do we use?

Some of the technologies that we work with.

What's in a name?

We wanted a name that clearly states what kind of company we are.


The team


The required expertise


IT solutions

Our team has the required expertise to develop your IT solutions.

Our latest projects


An e-commerce website for a clothing brand.

Tito's Streetfood

An e-commerce website for a Filipino restaurant.


An e-commerce website for a clothing brand.

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